The Lagoon is the fifth puzzle in Virtual Villagers: A New Home.



Drop at least a villager on the rocks blocking the stream to the dry creek bed and they will slowly carry boulders away, eventually unblocking the water source.


  • Supplies water to care for the mystery garden to unlock puzzle Magical Garden.
  • Contains the Fish of Fertility to catch, unlocking puzzle Hunting the Magic Fish of Fertility.
  • Allows pregnant woman to swim in it to make the Golden Child and unlock its puzzle.
  • Allows villagers to wash laundry. This has no effect.

Success MessageEdit

Your builders removed the creek blockage! The water now flows freely providing a pristine, pure stream. The waters of this lagoon may be the key to more than one mystery for your villagers.


Virtual Villagers 1 Puzzles Milestones Guide 5 The Lagoon

Virtual Villagers 1 Puzzles Milestones Guide 5 The Lagoon

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