Cloth Invented is the eigth puzzle in Virtual Villagers 4.

The requirements to solve: Level 2 Science and Puzzle 1.

After getting Level 2 Science the foundation for a new hut will appear: The Clothing Hut.

Once the clothing hut is finished, drag an adult on the pulpy vines located on the cliff wall to the left of the staircase. They will cut three pieces of vines and take them to the lab.

Fill the pot with salt water and boil it.

Drag an adult to the table and they will add the vines to the pot.

Once the cooking is done, drag an adult to the pot. They will place the cloth pulp on a flat rock on the shore.

Drag an adult onto the pulp to make the cloth. This needs to be done ten times.

Have two adults working on the pulp at the same time to speed of the process.

When finished you will have three bolts of cloth which will be stored at the hut.

The clothing hut can store up to six bolts of cloth.

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