Crafting Hut is the third puzzle in Virtual Villagers Origins 2.


  • At the west of the island there is a Crafting Hut in disrepair.
  • To rebuild it, the roots of the tree beside it must be removed first.
  • To remove the roots, drag a villager to the whale bones to the east of the crafting hut.
  • They will pick up the bones to be used as tools.
  • The bone will be taken to the work bench in the research/dining area.
  • Drag another villager onto the work bench and they will craft a pickaxe tool.
  • The pickaxe will appear next to the anvil as a pile of sticks put upright against the wall.
  • Drag a villager onto it and they will begin to chop off the roots of the tree, which will gradually die and drop an apple seed.
  • After the roots are removed, builders can be put to work on the crafting hut and rebuild it.
  • After the hut is rebuilt, you will achieve the Crafting Hut puzzle.

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