Crafting Hut is the second puzzle in Virtual Villagers Origins 2.

Steps Edit

At the west of the island there is a crafting hut in disrepair. To rebuild it, first the roots of the tree beside it must be removed. To remove the roots, drag a villager to the whale bones to the east of the crafting hut. They will pick up the bones to be used as tools. The bone will be taken to the work bench in the research/dining area. Drag another villager onto the work bench and they will craft a pickaxe tool. The pickaxe will appear next to the anvil as a pile of sticks put upright against the wall. Drag a villager onto it and they will begin to chop off the roots of the tree, which will gradually die and drop an apple seed.

After the roots are removed, builders can be put to work on the crafting hut and rebuild it. After the hut is rebuilt, you will achieve the Crafting Hut puzzle.

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