Fishing is a farming skill from all Virtual Villagers (series).


At first, your villagers are restricted to harvesting berries and mushrooms. Later on, you are free to harvest crops which replenish faster than you can get. Once you fully studied the farming science, you can fish at the ocean. Every once in a while, the animation of a villager bringing back food will be a crab instead of a fish.

The Lost Children

Fishing becomes a basic skill for farming and you can fish at the coast. Unlike the last game you will encounter some algae which will prevent you from fishing.

The Secret City

Learning the fishing skill is not the problem; it is the sharks that prevent you from going into the water. The potion either requires a plant found after mastering level two of either magic or nature which will repel the shark are make them recognize your villagers as just worthless objects.

The Tree Of Life

You can't fish for the first time here. You must fix the fishing nets first, then you can fish. You can also catch crabs and golden fishes here.

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