In Virtual Villagers: A New Home, there is a special child known as the Golden Child.


He is distinguishable from other villagers by both his physical appearance (his bald head, golden robe, and solid blue eyes) and title (which appears in the Skills section that appears at the bottom of the screen when you tap/click on a villager). The golden child is used to remove the boulder, catch butterflies, and pollinate the fruitless plant. 


Main Puzzle

Main article: The Golden Child (puzzle)

Puzzles It Helps With

  1. The Butterflies
  2. The Magical Plant of Life
  3. The Cave


The Golden Child has some significant powers that are unobtainable by any other villager.

He is able to magically create food, regrow the berries on the berry bush, and restore the crops in the agricultural area. Even though he is a mere child, he is the only one able to push the mysterious boulder away, leading to the introduction to the next game, Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children.

He can also make everyone stop what they're doing and join a party.

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