Herb Mastery is puzzle #8 in Virtual Villagers: A New Home.


  • Adult Villager(s)


Drop a villager(s) on every plant on the island in turn.


  • A

"Strange plant": The pale green clump of cactuses on the northwest side of the village.

  • B
    "Medical cactus": Tall dark green cactus to the north of the island.

  • C
    "Strange lily": Tall pale purple flower to the northeast.

  • Picture 2
    "Rare rose": Small pink rose right down at the southeast of the

After all the individual herbs are studied at least once, you will unlock the puzzle.


  • Helps with training new doctors to become trainees/adepts/masters, just like normally dropping them on herbs does
  • Makes your doctors better at healing

Success MessageEdit

"After thoroughly investigating Isola's indigenous herbs, your villagers have mastered their healing powers. Your healers are more effective than ever!"


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