Isola is the island that the villagers live on in the games, and is commonly referred to as mysterious and beautiful. There are many areas to Isola, but a majority is sand and water. It is pronounced ee-SO-lah.


Virtual Villagers: OriginsEdit

Survivors of a tribe caught in a volcanic disaster flee on a rickety boat, watching their former home end up ravaged by lava and fire. After being lost at sea, the survivors end up lucky as their boat smashes onto the shore of a beach on Isola, and realize that they might have a chance after all in the empty, isolated paradise. They find that Isola, the mysterious and beautiful island, has some basic structures likely created by previous islanders.

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Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost ChildrenEdit

dirty, hungry children die!

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Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret CityEdit

Referring back to the original story of the lost refugees, the story goes on. The prosperity being achieved, the villagers run out of space on the lonely shore. A group is selected to represent the tribe and ventures out to search for a new location of Isola to populate. As the villagers reach the northern shore, a violent storm begins to form, driving the villagers into the shore, breaking their raft against a shallow reef. The villagers quickly discover a new part of the island- a secret city.

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Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of LifeEdit

The story again refers to the original story back in the first game, before mentioning the several generations that had prospered on the island. However, a troubled tribal chief realizes that life is beginning to decrease, as birds and fish disappear. Wondering if Isola is slowly dying, the chief prays for guidance from above as he realizes that an expedition is to be formed.

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Virtual Villagers 5: New BelieversEdit

Once again, the story of the original refugees is mentioned, then goes on to state a child makes a discovery, one day. The child finds something lost, now found, on a forbidden path at the edge of the village. The elders gather to examine the object, which is a mask, and find that they have never seen one like it. Wanting to determine if others like it are nearby, the elders appoint a small group of villagers to search the forbidden path.

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In other games Edit

Plant Tycoon Edit

In Plant Tycoon (also made by Last Day of Work, the game company that made the Virtual Villagers series) your goal is to find the 6 magic plants (said to be found only on Isola) by cross-breeding the plants you already have.

Fish Tycoon Edit

Similar to Plant Tycoon (made by the same company) your goal is to breed fish and find the 7 magic fish (again, said to be found only on Isola) by the fish you have.

Virtual Families series Edit

Virtual FamiliesEdit

The weather bottles (found in the store), according to the description, come from a mysterious island called Isola.

Virtual Families 2Edit

On the mobile version, one of your family members can receive an e-mail informing them of various things their online friends like. One of them says that "Biggles" likes "Tropical Islands"; this could be a reference to the Biggles who is occasionally mentioned in Virtual Villagers island events, with the "tropical island" being Isola.

Trivia Edit

  • Isola is also an Italian word meaning "island".

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