Article Layout GuideBanishing the SharksBerry (Alchemy)
Berry BushBlack Orchid (Alchemy)Boiling the Water
Building the Hut (Puzzle)Cactus (Alchemy)Children
Clearing the DebrisClearing the LagoonCliff Key
Cloth InventedCoconut TreeCollectibles
CropsDecorate the TreeElder Totem
FireFire (Puzzle)Fire (Resource)
FishingFishing Nets (Puzzle)Food
Founding the SchoolGamesGod Powers
Golden ChildHeathen MommyHeathens
Herb Mastery (ANH)Herb Mastery (TLC)Honoring the Tree
Hunting the Magic Fish of FertilityHutIdentifying All the Herbs
IsolaLast Day of WorkList of Default Villager Names
List of Island EventsLotus (Alchemy)Magical Garden
Making SoapMaster VillagerMossy Rocks
MushroomsNoni BushParenting
Pitcher Plant (Alchemy)PotionsPruning the Tree
Purifying the TreePuzzlesResearch Bench
Rose (Alchemy)Soap InventedSustainable Fishing
Tech PointsTechnologyThe Alchemy Lab
The Ancient BathThe Ancient MosaicThe Ash Key
The Bee HiveThe Bee Hive (Food Source)The Bee Hive (Puzzle)
The Blind TotemThe Blocking TotemThe Butterflies
The Butterflies (VV4)The CaveThe Cemetery
The Clam KeyThe Cooking PitThe Crated Gong Piece
The Cutting ToolThe Cutting Tool (VV4)The Dam
The Elder TotemThe FarmThe First Chief
The Frog RescueThe Golden Child (puzzle)The Golden Robe
The Gong of WonderThe Grand FeastThe Hanging Key
The Heathen BuilderThe Heathen ChiefThe Heathen Scientist
The Heathen VillageThe Hollow TotemThe Hospital
The Hungry TotemThe IdolThe Inland Gong Piece
The Knowing TotemThe LakeThe Lift
The Magical Plant of LifeThe MausoleumThe Nursery School
The OrchardThe Overgrown Gong PieceThe Pain Totem
The Prison BreakThe Rainbow TotemThe Roster of the Dead
The RubbleThe ScarecrowThe Sewing Hut
The Sick HeathenThe StatueThe Stew
The StreamThe Sun DialThe Sunken Gong Piece
The TempleThe TreasureThe Tree of Life
The Tribute StatueThe Vine WallThe Well
Tiger Lily (Alchemy)Time in Virtual VillagersTribal Chief
UpgradesVillagersVirtual Villagers: A New Home
Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost ChildrenVirtual Villagers 3: The Secret CityVirtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life
Virtual Villagers 5: New BelieversVirtual Villagers Origins: 2Virtual Villagers Wiki
Weather Dancing
File:BEEHIVE.jpgFile:Berry bush.jpegFile:Berry glitch.png
File:Bhg.pngFile:Bicolored Totem.jpegFile:Blue Totem.jpeg
File:Completed Garden.jpgFile:Constructing the hut.pngFile:Cyan Totem.jpeg
File:Feature.JPGFile:Feature.pngFile:Fire wood and kindling.jpg
File:FogofDoom.pngFile:Forum new.gifFile:Fruit.png
File:Golden Child.jpgFile:Gong of Wonder (Complete).jpgFile:GrantYouth.png
File:Green Totem.jpegFile:Guyjg.pngFile:HandofBloom.png
File:Image.jpgFile:Images.jpgFile:Incomplete icon for Puzzle -11.jpg
File:KC Villager.pngFile:Kids.jpgFile:L.png
File:NoniBush.jpgFile:Picture 1.pngFile:Picture 2.png
File:Picture 3.pngFile:Picture 4.pngFile:Picture 5.png
File:Picture 6.pngFile:Picture 7.pngFile:Pitcherplant.jpg
File:Quest.gifFile:Red Totem.jpegFile:Refresh.png
File:Relaxing under trees (Slafg).pngFile:Revive.pngFile:Smiley.gif
File:Tempest.pngFile:Tiger Lily.jpgFile:TimeWarp.png
File:VIRVILTIP 005-large.jpgFile:VV2 boxshot.jpgFile:VVANewHome - Complete Puzzel.png
File:VVANewHome - Incomplete Puzzel.pngFile:VVANewHome - Puzzel One.pngFile:VVANewHome - Puzzel One Effect.png
File:VVANewHome - Puzzel One Effect2.pngFile:VVANewHome - Puzzel Two.pngFile:VVANewHome - Puzzel Two Outcome.png
File:VVANewHome - Technologies.pngFile:VVANewHome OPEN.pngFile:Villager1.png
File:Villager2.pngFile:VillagerName.pngFile:Virtual-villagers-3 scr3.jpg
File:Virtual Villagers 5 Official TrailerFile:Virtual villagers-204151-1231307396.jpgFile:Virtual villagers screen shot.png
File:Virtualvillagers.jpgFile:Vv3 banner340x200.jpgFile:Vv3 boxshot.jpg
File:Vv4 boxshot 600.jpgFile:Vv4 menu.jpgFile:Wiki-background

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