This is puzzle #9 in Virtual Villagers: A New Home.



Drop a villager on the plain green clearing with the dead flowers on the east side of the island. The villager will proceed to tend the field with water from the lagoon, eventually growing a ton of beautiful flowers. Using pre-taught builders gives greater chance of them continuing the work by themselves.


  • Allows completion of puzzles #10 and #14
  • Gives villagers a nice place to go when bored

Success MessageEdit

The pure creek waters restored the magical garden! Your villagers are astounded by its beauty. The stunning beauty of these flowers is uplifting to all of your villagers!



  • If you make one villager water the field, more will try to follow suit
  • Dropping people on a working well will sometimes make them try to water the field, but they will not succeed without lagoon water.

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