A Master Villager is one of your villagers who has mastered one or more of any of the skills.


In order to master a skill, the villager has to do the jobs relating the skill more often.

Skills available

  • Farming: Farming includes harvesting blueberries, crops or fishing. All of these activities will contribute the increase of one's farming skill. This is one of the eaiser skills to master.
  • Building: Building a hut or special buildings can contribute to this skill. Examining or repairing hut can contribute this skill too. This skill is quite hard since it has no permanent source to master the skill.
  • Research: Researching at a Research Bench increases research skill. At the same time, Tech Points are obtained. Master Researcher contribute more than others. This is one of the easier skills to master.
  • Healing: Healing is one of hardest skill to master except for Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City where the villagers can do research about medicine and increase the skill infinitely. For other games, it requires sick villagers in order to practice the skill.
  • Parenting: Parenting or Breeding can be done by dragging a male villager onto a female villager (or vise versa) with age of 18-50. Dragging onto a nursing mother will not increase this skill while dragging on a child will make the adult tell a story to the child instead.

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