Skill is one of the features available in Virtual Villagers (Series). There are five types of skills (six in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers).


Main article: Farming

Farming is the most basic skill. The villagers need this skill to harvest their food source. Higher tier of farming enable more efficient work. However, you don't need too much farmers.


Main article: Building

Building is one of the most needed skills. A master builder is often needed in puzzles so make sure you have at least one. Builders can be trained by building huts and other important structures but it has limited source so plan well!


Main article: Research

Researchers are needed to generate Tech Points. This skill can be trained without limit because the research never done.


Main article: Healing

Healers can be trained when a villager successfully heal a sick villager. In some games, the healer can be trained by having them do research about medicine.


Main article: Parenting

Parenting skill is needed to have kids. An experienced parent can have a baby without much tries and can multiply the number at a time. In some games, the parenting skill can be trained by having the adult villager to tell stories to the children.


Main article: Devotion

This skill is only available in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers. It is needed to convert local Heathens. An experienced devotees can convert the heathens without much time.