Tech Points are earned by using a villager on the Research Bench in your village.


They can be gained quicker with Master Scientists. The amount of Tech Points you have is displayed on the left. Tech Points are used to purchase technologies in six different subjects in the tech section of the menu. There are a total of three levels: Level 1 , 2 and 3. (You begin at level 1)

Tech Points

Technology Cost (Level 1) Cost (Level 2) Cost (Level 3)
Farming N/A 6,000 TP 50,000 TP
Construction N/A 2,500 TP 80,000 TP
Medicine N/A 15,000 TP 250,000 TP
Science N/A 12,000 TP 150,000 TP
Fertility N/A 11,000 TP 240,000 TP
Spiritual N/A 8,000 TP 80,000 TP