The Alchemy Lab is the third puzzle in Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City.


  • At least one adept scientist.


To make an adept scientist, simply put a villager with research target skill onto a bench at the east side of the alchemy lab. As the villager doing research, their research skill will rise and they will become an adept scientist.

Grab the adept scientist and retrieve five items scattered around the island. You need to find:

  • A red pot with white stripes
  • A yellow vase with white stripes
  • A brown vase
  • A mixing bowl which has two spoons inside
  • A cutting tool

Each time you collect one of these, the alchemy lab cleans itself up. The locations of the items always vary every time you play. So you have to find it by yourself.

Success Message

Recovering all the scattered pieces, your Villagers have restored what appears to have once been some kind of alchemy lab. By finding hidden herbs, they can now start creating interesting and potent potions!


  • Completing the puzzle unlocks the alchemy lab. The alchemy lab has the board in which you make plans for in some of the other puzzles.


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