The Ancient Mosaic, or The Ancient Ruins is the tenth puzzle in Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children.


  • Level 3 Engineering
  • Level 3 Culture
  • The Dam


Drag a villager or more to the ancient ruins in the southeast corner of the map. They will start uncovering the site. The puzzle is completed when the villagers are done uncovering the site.


The Ancient Writings. Realizing the markings behind the vines are some kind of writing, and using their advanced cultural knowledge, your villagers translate the symbols written on the wall:

The Gong of Wonder has been dismantled, its pieces hidden or given to the ocean, never again to be whole. They insisted it was an artifact for good only, but we cannot allow it to exist. It must be banished along with the other artifacts.

Then written more recently is this:

We are sure now that someone is practicing magic again and even restoring artifacts! We will find them at once. We are leaving the children under the guard of Tofo alone. We leave tommorow.
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