The Blind Totem is the fifteenth puzzle in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers.



Once the enterance to the mausoleum has been cleared, a shallow pan will appear at its steps. Have one of the adult villagers to take the pan and bring it to the mysterious pot located to the west of the fenced area next to the stream. Once that's done, drop a villager on the pan to have them gather gold dust. However, the villager may not always be successful at this task. Once the villager has managed to gather some gold dust, they'll place it into the empty bowl. Once the bowl is filled by 3/3, the villager will take the pot to the fire. After a while, the pot will disappears and there will be a sphere of gold in its place. Have one of your villagers to take the golden sphere and they'll take it to the Blind Totem located to the northeast of the village. Once the sphere is placed on the totem, you'll be able to see what was hidden behind the bushes.

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