The Blocking Totem is the seventh puzzle in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers.


  • One or more master builders
  • Lightning God Power


Once you have assigned your master builders onto dismantling the totem, the heathens blocking the mausoleum will turn their attention on your villagers and move towards their position in an attempt to repair the totem. Once all of them are around the totem, cast a lightning spell to chase them away and assign your villages back to dismantling the totem. Dismantling the Blocking Totem takes longer than the other totems so having more master builders is to your advantage. The heathes will eventually come back to repair the totem, so repeat the same sequence one more time. Keep repeating the same sqeuence until the totem is fully dismantled. Once this is done, your villagers will be able to clean up the debris blocking the mausoleum.


  • The heathens will repair the totem quite fast due to their high numbers, so it's not advisable to keep them near it for too long.

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