The First Chief is the first puzzle in Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City.


He is a special villager who appears exclusively in Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City. Players cannot decide who specifically becomes the chief of the tribe. Instead, whichever villager the golden robe fits will become Tribal Chief.

Age and gender have no bearing on who is chosen. If the chief is a child, they will be able to perform Alchemy and collect firewood—tasks the normal children cannot do.

If your chief dies, the robe returns to its spot in the amphitheater, and the next villager it fits becomes the new chief.


Drag each of your villagers to the golden robe in the amphitheater on the west. Whichever villager the robe fits will become the first Tribal Chief to lead your village!

Success Message

The robe fits! The chosen one has been found. Your tribal chief does not actually work, but when set to a task, others nearby are more effective. The chief also has other powers, yet to be discovered.


  • If your chief leads your tribe for over 50 years (in game time), you can earn the "Legendary Leader" achievement.
  • It is possible for your female chief to get indoors and have a baby. Just like other nursing mothers, they will not do any works, including directing works.

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