The Hungry Totem is the third puzzle in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers. It must be completed to gain access to the noni bush.


  • At least two villagers.


The Hungry Totem is located between the fenced area and the noni bush. The totem is being guarded by one orange masked heathen. Simply use a villager to lure the heathen away from the totem, or cast Bees to chase him away and assign other villagers to start dismantling it. Villagers with building skill will dismantle the totem faster. Once the totem has been dismantled, you will gain access to the noni bush, which is the primary source of food at the beginning of the game.


  • Your villagers will now have access to a primary but limited source of food.


  • Use the Bees God Power ( 25 energy ) to pollinate the berry bush. Each time you cast Bees God Power the berry bush gains 20 food. Good if you need food urgently.
  • Use children to lure the orange masked heathens away and use all the adults you have to dismantle the Hungry Totem.
  • The orange masked heathens will stop chasing your villager after your villager is far away from it or is in the safe area. (where you store your food)

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