The Knowing Totem is the fourth puzzle in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers.


  • One or more adult villagers (better with building skill)
  • Lightning God Power (100 Energy)


Once the Hungry Totem is dismantled, there will be two orange and one red masked heathens guarding the totem. In order to assign your villagers to dismantle it, you need to cast the Lightning God Power on the heathens guarding it and they'll run away. Immediately drop your villagers on the totem to start dismantling it. However, the heathens come back quickly so it may be needed to repeat the same sequence a few more times. Once the Knowing Totem has been dismantled, you'll gain access to the laboratory which is required to accumulate tech points to advance your tribe.


  • Your villagers will gain access to the lab.

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