The Mausoleum is the sixth puzzle in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers.


  • Complete Puzzle #7
  • Several adult villagers (better with building skill)


At the beginning of the game, you'll notice that some heathens are blocking the entrance to the mausoleum. Once you have dismantled the Blocking Totem, send your builders to the entrance to clear up the debris the heathens have left behind. It will take some time depending on how long the heathens had been working on the debris. Near the end, once there's about 25% of debris left, the Heathen Master Builder will attempt to block the entrance back, but their efforts can be undone by assigning multiple builders to the job. Once the mausoleum entrance has been cleared, you'll be able to put your dead villagers into their eternal rest.


  • If a villager dies before the mausoleum has been opened, their remains will remain at where they have died. This also gives the player a chance to revive the fallen villager with the Revive God Power.