The Orchard is the tenth puzzle in Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City.


Planting the tree

In order to do this puzzle, you will have to make sure that you've planted the fruit that was on the ground at the beginning of the game, and that you've already built the lift in puzzle 6. This is a fairly simple puzzle to finish once the lift is completed. It does take a while for the trees to grow depending on the speed you set for your game. The good news is that tree can grow without any assistance from you once both seeds have been planted. You can do this one of two ways

  1. You can place a villager to stand on the lift and wait for the rain to come. The only issue with this is that sometimes when it starts to rain your villager may start to walk away. You will need to stay close to the lift so you can make sure that the villager stays on when it starts to rain.
  2. As soon as you hear the rain falling, grab a villager and quickly place them on the lift before the bucket starts to fill with water.

Filling the bucket

Once your villager is on the lift, the rain will start filling the bucket with water which will make the side your villager is on start to rise. As soon as the bucket is all the way to the top a piece of fruit will drop to the floor. Take your villager off the lift even if it's still raining. As soon as your villager drops to the ground place the villager over the seed and they will plant it. Repeat the same steps as above in order to plant the third and last seed. On fast speed, it will take each tree 4 hours to reach maturity. Once all three trees are fully mature, this puzzle will be solved.


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