The Rubble is the seventh puzzle in Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City.


In order to solve this puzzle go to the southeast side of the screen.


  • Level 2 Restoration


Drag a villager or two to the rocks and drop them on top of the rocks.


  • Place the chief close by so that they can help direct the villagers and keep the villagers organized.
  • As they clear away the rocks you'll begin to see some of the tablet pieces. If you have any children in the village at this time, drop them on the tablets so they can drag them back to the lab.
  • You can place a villager on the cave at any time after the rocks have been cleared and you'll see some history about the island.
  • If by any chance you missed part of the story, you can always place a villager on there and it will play again.


  • Your villagers will accumulate more building skills by doing this task.

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