The Statue is the ninth puzzle in Virtual Villagers 3.

You cannot complete this puzzle until you've met certain requirements.

First of all, puzzle number 8 (building the bath) has to be completed.

You will need to have purchased the level 3 Restoration,Level 3 Leadership, your tribal chief and your Master Builder on hand.

You will need to go back to the board in which you had your Master Builder draw plans to fix the bath. Once the bath is repaired the board will be blank again.

Drop one of your Master Builders on the board and they will draw a new set of plans that will explain how to repair the statue.

It's important to have your chief on the construction site so that they can direct your workers. As soon as your chief starts directing, drop your builders on the statue.

This will be a long process in which completion depends on how many people you have working on it at one time.

You will see that your workers will slowly push the statue up the hill until they can get it back where it belongs.

There's a limit as to how many villagers can work on the statue at one time. You will know if there are too many workers on the project when a message appears letting you know that there are too many workers.

Once the Statue is back in place you'll read that it was built in honor of a princess. All the villagers will gather around the statue to celebrate.

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