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The Stew is the ninth puzzle of Virtual Villagers 2. Stews can be used to heal villagers, make them sick or give them special abilities. The completion of this puzzle will allow a villager to complete another puzzle involving the gong.


  • Level Two Exploration
  • Food
  • Working villagers
  • Completion of Puzzle 1, Fire
  • Completion of Puzzle 5, Herb Mastery


  1. After purchasing Level Two Exploration, a couldron appears in the wood pile. Put a villager on top of the cauldron to retrieve it.
  2. If there is no fire, ignite one.
  3. Drop a villager on the cauldron three times. Once each to put it on the fire, fill it with water and add food.
  1. Then, drop a villager on any of the herbs you have mastered adding a total of three to the mix in any combination (you can use multiples of the same herb).

Of course, different selections of herbs will have different results. Keep track of the ingredients in all the stews you make. You want to avoid duplication and don't want to recreate a bad stew (it can make your villagers sick). If you treat your villagers to the best, they will stay healthy and remain happy.


  1. The green vine in the upper left hanging over the wall of stones.
  2. The blue flower at the top center just to the right of the cave.
  3. The lavender daisy at the far top-right and above the blue flower.
  4. The black chain of flowers just above the waterfall on the east.
  5. The bright red flowers southeast of the dam.
  6. The large red-orange flower to the south of the village.


  • 1+2+3 = This spicy stew clears your villager's nose and throat.
  • 1+2+6 = Your villager feels healthier after eating.
  • 1+5+6 = This stew gave your villager a burst of energy.
  • 2+3+4 = This spicy stew clears your villager's nose and throat.
  • 3+5+6 = This stew gives off a very sweet smell.
  • 4+5+6 = Your villager feels healthier.
  • 4+6+6 = Strange stew...your villager feels no need to breathe.

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