Virtual Villagers: A New Home, also known just as Virtual Villagers (and as Virtual Villagers: Origins on mobile), is a simulation game created by the company Last Day of Work. The game follows the villagers of a tribe that, following a volcanic eruption on their previous home, has been stranded on the east side of the mysterious island of Isola.

The villagers are hungry, tired, and clueless. The player needs to help them survive! The player can drag a villager over many spots which all have an effect on the game-play, such as an increase of food or a completion of a puzzle. Regardless of the action, every little bit helps!


Tech PointsEdit

Tech (Technology) Points are earned by the villagers when they research at the table just below the long hut. The more experience a villager performing research attains, the higher their rank becomes (Trainee, Adept, and Master) and the more Tech Points they earn. Tech Points are similar to currency, as they can be used to upgrade aspects of the game. There are six different technologies, namely: Farming, Medicine, Fertility, Construction, Science, and Spirituality.


At the beginning of this game, the only way to find food is to teach a few villagers to forage through the berry bush. However, as the game continues on, the berry bush will eventually run out of berries, leaving the player with the decision to buy more farming levels with their Tech. points to prevent villagers from starving. These options include fishing, which can occur in the ocean after gaining Level 3 of Farming, or growing crops to harvest in the field, which can happen upon buying Level 2 Farming. Another way to get food, though minor, is to have the children pick mushrooms that appear at random times. The player will need to be quick in getting the children to gather the mushrooms, since they wilt, disappearing shortly in the sunlight.

There are 2 types of mushroom: brown and red. Brown are more common, and give less food than the rarer, more bountiful red variety.


The player may start out with a few simple buildings in the game, including the long hut that can be converted into a school with a Master Scientist, as well as the hut in which couples can go to for the sake of possibly creating a baby. As more Tech Points are earned, more buildings can be constructed upon buying more levels, leaving the population able to grow.


There are 16 puzzles to solve in this game. Each one may require more skill from villagers, or upgrades from the usage of Tech. Points. Sometimes, more than one villager may need to help, or there must be a completion of another puzzle before specific puzzles can be completed.

  1. The Well
  2. The Hut
  3. The Beach
  4. The School
  5. The Lagoon
  6. The Magic Fish of Fertility
  7. The Cemetery
  8. Herb Mastery
  9. The Garden
  10. The Magic Plant of Life
  11. The Temple
  12. The Idol
  13. The Golden Child
  14. The Butterfiles
  15. The Treasure
  16. The Cave


In Virtual Villagers, the villagers will sometimes create babies when the player drops a male villager on a female villager, or vice versa. They will go indoors, should either villager not refuse, and if the player ends up lucky, the female will walk out of the hut holding a baby. The mother will have to nurse the infant for a few minutes, depending on the game speed set by the player. See the list below to see how long the baby will be nursed until two years of age, in game time. After this, the mother may either continue working, or produce another child- this will depend on how the player decides to continue their game.

At half-speed, nursing takes 400 minutes (6 hours and 40 minutes); at normal speed, it takes 240 minutes (4 hours); and lastly, at double-speed, it takes 120 minutes (2 hours).

Island EventsEdit

Main article: List of Island Events#From Virtual Villagers: A New Home

Occasionally, when the player enters the game, they might find a window pop up that tells them about something that has happened to their villagers, or a choice that they will have to make, chosen by the player. This is an island event, which can change the course of the game, resulting in either a good outcome, or something that harms the villagers.

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