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Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers is the fifth installment of the Virtual Villagers franchise. You select 5 villagers. It takes place in a village of masked "heathens" native to the island. Explorers from the Tree of Life village are captured by the Heathens and must deal with life among these hostile, superstitious people. It is also in the centre of Isola. The explorers try to convert the Heathens by doing helpful tasks such as healing the sick and explaining "God" (the player) to them. Basic tasks such as getting firewood and food are made more complicated by the fact that the Heathens chase the explorers away from resources, requiring ingenious solutions and the occasional intervention of "God" -- you, the player. You also have god powers such as bees, fog and crop grower. You also get a skill of devotion. thumb|300px|rightFirst you get a bush of berries but first you have once you complete a first puzzle (to dismantle the totem in front of it before you can access the berries). Then later you get crops where the purple-masked heathen is crying (otherwise known as the field, you need a master scientist, a master builder, and level 2 construction in order to get it up and running). Later you get fish like in Virtu


You start out with a few simple buildings in the game. As
you increase tech points, you can upgrade building level to create more structures to house more population.


There are 16 Puzzles to accomplish in this game. Each one requires more skill from villagers, or upgrades from tech points. Sometimes more then one person may need to help or there must be a completion of another puzzle. There is also one special puzzle on the side.


Main article: Heathens

Heathens are group of villagers that you can't control since they don't believe in you (you can't see their details as well). These are the different coloured masked heathens. There are 4 different types of them; blue, red, orange and purple. There is also the Chief Heathen you need to get all the purple heathens on your team and make the necklist and take it to the cheif and he/she on your team

Blue HeathensEdit

These are the heathens with blue masks which you turn them by using a devotee villager to explain the truth. It takes a few turns to do it though.(you can see how close they are to joining by looking at their faith)

Orange HeathensEdit

These are the heathens with orange masks. These heathens try to prevent you from doing stuff by chasing you. You can't convert them to join you, but you can do it by making earthquakes (cost 800 energy) beneath them several times.

Red HeathensEdit

These are the heathens with red masks. Unlike the orange heathens they don't chase villagers, but villagers get scared and run away when they get near them. Like the orange heathens you can convert them by using earthquakes enough times.

Purple HeathensEdit

These are the heathens with purple masks. They're the Heathen Masters, In the game there are 4 Heathen Masters They're Master Doctor, Master Builder, Master Farmer, and Master Scientist. These heathens cannot be converted by words but by actions. It is required to complete specific puzzles to convert them the master doctor is not a master


Wears a decorative red mask and is not aggressive. Jack of All Trades. He can only be converted once all the purple masked heathens are converted and the necklace is fully assembled.

God PowersEdit

Main article: God Powers

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