Virtual Villagers Origins 2 is a new Virtual Villagers game coming out for Mobile/Tablet devices, and possibly PCs afterwards. Announced in June of 2017 by LDW, the game is separate from VV: Origins which is a remake of a new home. Unlike VV: Origins it will not be a remake of a past game, but a new game with improved graphics.

LDW has stated on Facebook that the game will be LDW designed, but as with Fish Tycoon 2, will be built by a partner studio, as LDW work on one of their biggest game's ever Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home, which has been delayed to hopefully releasing in 2017 after it did not release in 2015 or 2016.

LDW has stated VV Origins 2 will be related to a volcano, it is possible that it will explore the origin story of the people who have come to share with the Indigenous Isolans.

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